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May 22, 2023


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Victoria, the blonde knight with massive breasts, had been travelling for days, only stopping to rest for a few hours a night. But that day had been different. As she rounded a corner on the old dirt path, she suddenly found herself surrounded by large men clad in leather armour. Before she could react, she was grabbed and dragged off her horse, several vicious laughs greeting her. She was too stunned to defend herself, and before she could recover, she was bound and restrained to a large stone pillar in the centre of a small clearing.

Victoria tried to struggle against her restraints, but even her immense strength was no match for the thick ropes. She quickly realised she was completely helpless. She closed her eyes and prepared for the worst.

Suddenly, she heard a voice speaking to her. She opened her eyes and saw a hooded figure standing in front of her. The figure slowly walked around her, each step accompanied by a loud crunch of the crunchy, autumn leaves.

‘You are very beautiful, Victoria,’ the figure said in a low, menacing voice. ‘And I will enjoy seeing all of your beauty.’

Victoria knew exactly what the figure meant. He slowly circled around her, running his hands across her body until he reached her chest. He grabbed her leather armor and yanked it down, exposing her huge, round breasts.

The figure laughed as Victoria’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment. He then grabbed her leather boots and pulled them up, revealing her skimpy panties and soft, pale skin. He spread her legs and laughed even louder as the sound of her panting echoed through the clearing.

Victoria felt humiliated and embarrassed, but she also felt oddly aroused. She could feel the pulse between her legs getting stronger as the hooded man teased her. He eventually stepped back and victoria felt relieved, until he spoke again.

‘I will enjoy watching you on display,’ he said. He then nodded to his men and they removed Victoria’s restraints, leaving her completely exposed to the elements.

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